Barrier Spray

Our professional, safe, and very effective spray will keep those pesty mosquito’s and ticks away! This service is guaranteed to last for up to 21 days! The chemical we use is safe around your children and pets and is endorsed by the EPA. It’s that time of year….great weather, fun and sun on your deck or pool. Let the Mosquito Posse apply their effective Barrier Spray so… [Learn More About Our Barrier Spray…]

Event Spray

The Mosquito Posse is armed and dangerous! Don’t let those pesky mosquito’s be bothersome to you and your guests for your special event. Our proven application works wonders and ensures that the only guests attending your big event are the ones on the guest list… [Learn More About Our Event Spray…]

Misting System

The Mosquito Posse now offers an automatic Misting System that provides 24/7 mosquito control.  The misting system is typically released 2-4 times per day.  It is easily programmable and designed to release more/less frequently as needed.  The Mosquito Posse also offers a remote control that can be used to control… [Learn More About Our Misting Systems…]