Want to get mosquito’s out of your yard?

Mosquito’s are nasty little creatures that typically will lay 100-300 eggs at a time!  It typically takes 7-10 days for the eggs to become a full blown adult mosquito.  Imagine that…in a little over a week an additional 100+ mosquito’s buzzing around your home or business.  Mosquito’s typically don’t travel more than 200-300 ft. from where they were hatched…so…this being said…you can see how out of control these pests can be!

One thing you can do to drastically reduce the mosquito activity is to get rid of any standing water.  Water could be in a flower pot, sand-box, playground equipment, or low areas in your yard.  Candles are sprays can be affective, but only if you remain in that immediate area.  Once you get outside of that protected area…you are free game! 

Our all-natural barrier spray soaks into the grass, trees, plants and vegetation around your property.  This barrier spray will kill any live mosquito’s on contact, as well as any eggs that may be getting ready to hatch.  In addition to that, the barrier will protect you, your family and pets for 21 days…GUARANTEED!  How?  The barrier will act as a wall of protection against mosquito’s trying to enter your property, preventing them from biting you as well as laying new eggs.

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